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What to wear

We like to schedule a consultation before your sitting to plan on colors, outdoor or indoor portraits, and answer any question you may have. In general almost anything works as long as everything is clean and ironed. For very large families we suggest solid coordinating colors to keep from being too busy.



What to do before my sitting

-Make sure your nails and toes are neat and clean,

they’ll be in pictures too (Boys, you too)

-Try on outfits and make sure it works sitting,

standing and moving around.

-Don’t get your hair cut or dyed too close to your sitting,

we don't want to try to cover up a bad haircut.

-Ladies, play with your hair and makeup,

but remember to keep it natural

-Gentlemen, if you’re normally clean shaven,

make sure you shave right before your sitting

-Think about the color scheme of the room when picking out your clothes, where will you be displaying these portraits and how will they look with the scheme of the room?


What to bring

-Clothes ironed and on hanger ready to go

-Chapstick, makeup, anything you might need to “spruce up” a bit

-If you’re wearing black shoes, black socks

-Lots of energy

-A smile :)



Your sitting fee is due at the time of booking.

Your invoice total is due before print purchases will be processed.


What do I do now?

Step 1: Call to schedule your pre-session consultation and session. We will discuss your portrait session, what to wear, the style you are looking for as well as where you’ll be displaying these portraits. Have your credit card handy, we take payment for your sitting fee over the phone once you decide on the session that fits you best.


Step 2: Your consultation: Bring your customer questionnaire that email to you along with your calendar so we can schedule your ordering appointment. Also, bring any outfits you’ve thought about for your session.


Step 3: Your session! Every session is different, so we’ll plan everything you need to do for your customized session. The most important thing to bring is your smile!


Step 4: Typically, your portraits will be in your online private viewing gallery two weeks after your session and you have 10 days to view and mark your favorites in the comfort of your own home before your ordering appointment.


Step 5: Placing your order in the studio. Make sure to bring a list of anyone who needs portraits as well as an idea of where you will be displaying them. You've already marked your favorites online so making your selection will be laid back and easy.


Step 6: Pick up your order! Depending on what products you've decided on your order should be ready in 3-5 weeks.



If you have any further questions, please let us know. We'd be happy to help!

(916) 652-5600


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